AWiB Team

Yetem Trading – Taking The Lead

In today’s dynamic and competitive business landscape, companies are increasingly recognizing the value of giving back to their communities.  Among them is Yetem Trading, Ethiopia’s premier cosmetic powerhouse that spans its influence across more than 10 major cities in the country. The company distributes a diverse array of renowned brands such as Lolane, Algabo, Afrochick, and many others. Yetem envisions itself as the ultimate destination, catering to diverse beauty needs across the nation. []

Dr Lemlem Aregu: The Women’s Rights Advocate

In the vibrant city of Adama, Ethiopia, the remarkable journey of Dr. Lemlem begins. Born in 1970, as the eldest of six siblings Lemlem remembers being enveloped in a world filled with love and tenderness from her parents. She and her siblings [two brothers and three sisters] always had an equal workload around the house. Looking back, she feels fortunate to have been raised in a progressive and gender-neutral household. Her favorite childhood memory was the comforting aroma the weekends brought when her father, a dedicated veterinarian, would cook his family breakfast.


Women in Self-Employment (WISE) is one of the few organizations in Ethiopia that practices the Social Enterprise model, not only conceptually but also technically & practically. It is the collective work of three independent entities; WISE the non-governmental organization under which all were formed, Savings & Credit Cooperatives Union (SACCO Union) which is the umbrella body that provides different services to 100 SACCOs in Addis Ababa and Meleket Training Services, the income generating wing.

Tsigie Haile – The Limitless Catalyst

Tsigie Haile was born and raised in the vibrant city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She grew up with her brothers and was raised by a fiercely determined single mother in a positive and constructive environment. During her childhood, she was not exposed to the challenges of traditional or unfavorable gender roles in society which created an opportunity for her to focus on the pursuit of education.

A Decade of Women Empowerment

For over a decade, Impala Communication has had the distinct honor of walking hand in hand with AWiB, forging a partnership that has thrived on dialogue, consultation, and empowerment. With the passage of time, this alliance has grown in strength, leaving a deep-rooted mark on both organizations.

Rekik Bekele

Born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, I grew up in a household of seven children. With five brothers and only one sister, helping around the house with chores was primarily the responsibility of the girls.