Yetem Trading

Taking The Lead

Yetem Trading products and saleswomen at AWiB monthly networking event

In today’s dynamic and competitive business landscape, companies increasingly recognize the value of giving back to their communities. Among them is Yetem Trading, Ethiopia’s premier cosmetic powerhouse spanning its influence in over ten major cities in the country. The company distributes various renowned brands such as Lolane, Algabo, Afrochick, and many others. Yetem envisions itself as the ultimate destination, catering to diverse beauty needs across the nation. []

Yetem has emerged as a torchbearer, leveraging its influence to champion causes aligned with empowerment and community enrichment. As AWiB’s first lead sponsor, Yetem’s sponsorship transcends financial support. It embodies a vision of creating a world where women have the opportunity to thrive and actively contribute to their communities. This eleven-month sponsorship not only extends vital support to AWiB but allows companies to reach a wider audience and create a profound influence. Yetem’s choice to sponsor echoes their dedication to nurturing the personal and professional growth of their women employees—an essential thread in the fabric of a thriving community.

Through its lead sponsor status, Yetem gains significant exposure and brand recognition, enhancing its reputation as a socially responsible organization. Additionally, AWiB will provide the company’s employees with half-day training sessions on professionalism, time management, and giving & receiving positive feedback. The impact of Yetem’s partnership with AWiB ripples far beyond the confines of the two organizations. It serves as a beacon of light for companies inspiring them to embrace the mantle of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It actively supports organizations that are making a positive impact in their community.

In embracing AWiB, Yetem has demonstrated its commitment to creating a more equitable and just society. The company’s support for women’s empowerment sets a powerful example, urging others to shape a brighter future for all.

As we celebrate Yetem Trading, let us also acknowledge the transformative power of collaboration and partnership. Together, enterprises have the potential to make a profound impact, empowering individuals, strengthening communities, and creating an environment. This is an environment where everyone has the opportunity to not only survive but thrive.

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