AWiB Presents the 2023 WOE!

In the month of December, AWiB presents the 2023 WOEs (for those who have not made it to the 10th and last WOE Gala Dinner) on December 7, 2023, at the Hilton Hotel.

Dr. Mulu Muleta: In a Class of Her Own

“My life’s purpose found meaning in restoring hope and dignity to women afflicted by fistula. I walk proudly on the path paved by the footsteps of my patients, whose resilience and courage taught me the true meaning of strength.”

Creating Your Profile

A profile is an introductory short description that highlights your relevant qualifications, skills, and passion. It is an effective way to quickly show your potential employer or partner how you would fit into the organization or project at hand. 

Proposal Writing

One of the important components in building the bridge between ideas and reality is writing proposals. Not only that proposal writing is a reliable tool we use to persuade investors and funders, it also ensures the successful continuation of businesses as well as the implementation of projects. It enables us to clearly define our objectives and set clear goals with timelines which makes it an essential monitoring tool as well.

Motivating Employees to Give their Best

Motivated people are the key elements in creating continuously growing organizations and businesses that quickly adapt to change with creative approaches. They are also consistently productive and more likely to stay loyal to the organization. This is because motivated employees take initiative, are involved, engaged, and accountable for their actions. So how can leaders create an environment that consistently motivates the people in it?

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer is a prevalent and significant health concern, impacting individuals and communities worldwide. Breast cancer awareness plays a crucial role in early detection, prevention, and improving treatment outcomes. Through educating ourselves, raising public awareness, and taking proactive measures we can make a significant difference in the fight against breast cancer.

Health Smart

Health Smart is an interactive weekend event where we explore various aspects of our well-being. This upcoming session shines a spotlight on “Reproductive Health and Preventing Cervical Cancer” with the aim of providing insights and information on how to take care of our reproductive well-being.

Non-Defensive Communication

Non-defensive communication is a communication style that involves engaging in a conversation without blaming the other party or triggering a sense of threat. It is a sincere communication style we can use to make statements, ask questions, and solve problems smoothly.

Sketch your Success With AWiB

Sketch your Success with AWiB, is a monthly program where AWiB invites potential members to ARC (AWiB Resource Center) with the objective of introducing AWiB, benefits & opportunities of membership.