Meri Graduates

2nd Cohort

  • Absalat Yewondwosen

    Absalat Yewondwosen

    Absalat Yewondwosen I am an ardent believer in education anzd even more so in the proper and right way of delivering it. After doing vast research on ways to integrate … Absalat Yewondwosen Read More »


  • Betelehem Getu

    Betelehem Getu

    Betelehem Getu I enjoy the science of engineering and my performance throughout my study proves that. I also draw. To back up my desire and feed my curiosity, I interned … Betelehem Getu Read More »


  • Emalda Sintayehu

    Emalda Sintayehu

    Emalda Sintayehu I trust that the sector of agriculture is one whose potential hasn’t been tapped into well enough. As a result, I have a strong desire to work in … Emalda Sintayehu Read More »


  • Eyerusalem Asfaw

    Eyerusalem Asfaw

    Eyerusalem Asfaw I am a hard-working, earnest, and goal-oriented woman and make a deliberate effort to be in a room with people who know, do, and are better. I am … Eyerusalem Asfaw Read More »


  • Helen Awoke

    Helen Awoke

    Helen Awoke I am an ambitious and driven young woman who can work under pressure and adversity. I am constantly setting goals for myself that are sure to expand my … Helen Awoke Read More »


  • Hemen Deresse

    Hemen Deresse

    Hemen Deresse I am passionate about designing and planning projects that address current environmental issues to create a better and friendly place for all to live in.  I am interested … Hemen Deresse Read More »


  • Nardos Birhanu

    Nardos Birhanu

    Nardos Birhanu I would describe myself as an analytical, detail-oriented, proactive, and courageous woman. I completed my bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Indulging in multiple projects while at … Nardos Birhanu Read More »


  • Rahel Gezahegn Mamo

    Rahel Gezahegn Mamo

    Rahel Gezahegn Mamo I am a young and vibrant woman with many aspirations. I am currently working as a sales manager. Recently, I launched my own startup in the localization … Rahel Gezahegn Mamo Read More »


  • Yulian Asfaw

    Yulian Asfaw

    Yulian Asfaw I graduated from Addis Ababa University in the department of Computer Science and Accounting & Finance. I am good at communication and in teamwork. I can not tolerate … Yulian Asfaw Read More »