The Art of Networking

Networking is a powerful tool that people use to advance their careers, build wealth, brainstorm ideas, share opportunities and more. Through intentional networking one can bring everlasting connections. Be it professional or to build friendship it is an important tool we can use to enhance our social and professional well-being. 

Time Management

Time management is a set of principles, practices, skills, tools, and systems working together to help you get more value out of your time. When you work on improving the quality of your life, the first thing you should assess is your time management.  

Creating your Profile 

A profile is an introductory short description that highlights your relevant qualifications, skills, and passion. It is an effective way to quickly show your potential employer or partner how you would fit into the organization or project at hand. 


Sales is a very important skill that turns followers into leaders, small organizations into big organizations with greater impact and small businesses into mega corporations.

Radical Acceptance

Radical Acceptance is an art or a skill that makes a person tolerate distress or pain by enabling acceptance of life (or a situation) as it is. It does not allow the pain to become suffering. Radical Acceptance plays a significant role in breaking the cycle of emotions and thoughts and bringing positive change in our approach towards life.

Sketch Your Success With AWiB

Sketch your Success with AWiB, is a monthly program where AWiB invites potential members to ARC (AWiB Resource Center) to introduce AWiB, benefits & opportunities of membership.

AWiB Presents HER Gems

Every July AWiB showcases HER members through their stories. These are women who gravitated to the tribe and transformed themselves even more. These are like-minded individuals who have unique stories.  Let us learn from each other!

Self Discovery

Self-discovery is the process of understanding your true self and it is an ongoing process. It requires diving deep within and examining all areas of your life. It needs your openness to accept the things that make you unique and exceptional. It needs your courage and bravery to stick with the process and learn things about yourself that you find hard to accept.


What do we mean by POWER?  Who has it?  Who wants it? One way of defining power is as the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events. The force of power is often observed in relationships of every kind.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become a very common word in business. What does it encompass? How can we use it for our professional growth and business growth?

Vision Board

A vision board also known as dream board is a collection of words and images inspired by what we want our lives to be. They represent the changes we'd like to see, the accomplishments we’d like to make, and the dreams we’d like to come true.


Sisterhood is a deep connection and loyalty among women with common interests. It can be rooted in blood relatives, religious bodies, formal associations, informal associations (like Idir, Mahiber and Iqub) and it can also represent the bond between women who support women’s movement. Sisterhood is a supportive community of women who have a common agenda.