Nurturing Emerging Leaders


Amplify the need to work on the youth for a sustainable future

Meri came about in order to amplify the need to work on the youth for a sustainable future. Committed to cultivating essential skills that are necessary for carving responsible female leaders who will be the face of a thriving nation.

What Makes Meri exceptional?

Our Pillars

1 . Well-experienced

Every week, the girls indulge in informative, eye-opening sessions that challenge them to their core. Training sessions are given by seasoned and highly professional trainers with well over a decade of experience in teaching as well as in their fields.

2. One-to-one mentorship sessions

Each mentee is assigned an influential, pioneer, and successful businesswoman as a mentor. They meet each week for two-hours mandatory in order to reinforce the topics learned in the preceding week. The girls get a chance to talk one on one with these women and gain tremendous knowledge and experience sharing that would have otherwise been close to impossible. This relationship is sure to sustain even after the program had been completed.

3. Participation in AWiB’s monthly networking sessions

Including the annual May Forum, Meri girls are given the opportunity to take part in the monthly networking sessions AWiB holds. This affords them to meet some of the most influential leaders in their prospective fields. As they expand their networks and practically learn to start a conversation with almost anyone and sell themselves with confidence.

4. Intimate follow-up

After each week, the girls are required to submit one report per training session and mentorship session. This will help them internalize what they have learned in the classroom and in the discussions with their mentors and learn to be fully committed and disciplined throughout their entire 12-week stay.

5. Competent, ethical, and professional aspiring leaders

When completing the program, the Meri girls will be a valuable addition to any team or corporate aspiring to expand. They will be equipped with the discipline, work ethic, professionalism, and self-confidence to contribute to society.

Our Schedule

Week 1 : Self – Discovery

Getting to know each other: Relationship building

Week 2 : Self-Confidence

Discovering and honoring your natural self: Respecting the self

Week 3 : Gender and Power

Critical thinking: Women’s power

Week 4 : Goal Setting, Purpose, and Time Management

Professional soft skills: Planning, goal setting, and strategizing

Week 5 : Emotional Intelligence and Assertiveness

Balancing life demands

Week 6 : Self-Branding / Entrepreneurship

Volunteerism: Contribution and social communities

Week 7 : Right Listening / Presentation Skills


Week 8 : Brain Wiring of Male and Female / Radical Acceptance

Positive attitude toward life

Week 9 : Sales

Change Management

Week 10 : Getting Ready for the Job Market

Take Your Mentee To Work Day!

Week 11 : Professionalism and Be a Smart Investor

The Power of Financial Independence

Week 12 : Leadership and Value Mapping


What Our Graduates Say

A token of gratitude from our graduates!

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