AWiB Activities

Weekend Sessions

With over 60 sessions annually, featuring roundtable discussions, seminars, and workshops, you can immerse yourself in subjects spanning self-confidence, time management, cultural influences on self-esteem, trauma, and beyond.

Monthly Event

Every month, AWiB curates exclusive events hosted at Hilton, meticulously crafted to facilitate networking opportunities. These gatherings are distinguished by their themes, featuring captivating discussions led by expert speakers. Topics range from women to leadership to investment, and beyond.

AWiB Luncheon

AWiB Luncheon is a monthly program where members are invited to a captivating rendezvous over lunch in different locations. This unique program is designed with a clear purpose in mind. We aim to foster meaningful connections and create a space for open & enriching conversations.

Sketch Your Success With AWiB

Sketch your Success with AWiB is a monthly program specially crafted to welcome potential members to the AWiB Resource Center (ARC). Our primary goal is to introduce you to the world of AWiB, highlighting the numerous benefits & opportunities that await within our vibrant community and providing you with a comprehensive understanding of what it means to be a part of AWiB.

Town Hall

At AWiB, we believe in reaching out to every corner of our community. We argue the best way to do that is bringing the AWiB movement to your neighborhood through Town Hall Meetings. A Town Hall Meeting is more than just an assembly. It is the meeting of like minds within every township/kebele. The primary goal of these meetings is to create awareness about AWiB. By taking our message to different locations, we aim to reach as many people as possible and engage with our community.