Meseret Warner: The Social Impact Advocate

Meseret Warner was born and raised in the evergreen city of Bahir Dar. She was the eldest of five siblings and was raised solely by a mother who cultivated a deep reverence for learning within her, equipping her with a foundation that would prove invaluable.

selamawit girmay

Selamawit Girmay: The Trailblazing Advocate

Selamawit’s formative years at Nazareth School were a vibrant counterpoint to the stifling silence she often felt at home. This vibrant all-girls institution fueled with passion, provided her a space for unabated exploration. Sports became her playground, volleyball her signature spike. Here, amidst the freedom and encouragement, Selamawit’s personality blossomed. The once-silenced youngest child bloomed into the confident and playful woman we know today.

Sister Asayech: Resilience in Essence

“Leadership doesn’t only come from education, it also comes from grace. We see many women with no formal education manage their time, money, and household, while they guide their children towards a better life – this makes them leaders.”

AWiB 2023 President Story Profile Accomplishments

Samrawit Meressa: Journey Through AWiB

Within AWiB, Samrawit sharpened her goal-setting prowess and led the Fund for AWiB (FFA) campaign, validating her leadership spirit. The triumph of the FFA in fundraising laid to rest her self-doubts, revealing the power of collaborative effort and the art of delegation for effective leadership.

Dr Lemlem Aregu: The Women’s Rights Advocate

In the vibrant city of Adama, Ethiopia, the remarkable journey of Dr. Lemlem begins. Born in 1970, as the eldest of six siblings Lemlem remembers being enveloped in a world filled with love and tenderness from her parents. She and her siblings [two brothers and three sisters] always had an equal workload around the house. Looking back, she feels fortunate to have been raised in a progressive and gender-neutral household. Her favorite childhood memory was the comforting aroma the weekends brought when her father, a dedicated veterinarian, would cook his family breakfast.

Tsigie Haile – The Limitless Catalyst

Tsigie Haile was born and raised in the vibrant city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She grew up with her brothers and was raised by a fiercely determined single mother in a positive and constructive environment. During her childhood, she was not exposed to the challenges of traditional or unfavorable gender roles in society which created an opportunity for her to focus on the pursuit of education.

Tseday Worku: The Visionary Extraordinaire

Born and raised in Addis Ababa, Tseday grew up in a loving yet strict household where she was instilled with values of academic success and the importance of family. Breaking free from traditional gender roles, Tseday was encouraged to focus on her studies, unleashing her potential.