With AWiB

AWiB stands as a trailblazing membership-driven association and networking hub established in 2010, dedicated to fostering leadership and entrepreneurship. Specifically designed for mid-level career women and business owners, AWiB has consistently brought esteemed figures, corporate CEOs, and influential women leaders to the forefront. Our focus lies in nurturing personal and professional growth through various programs that encourage self-reflection, self-expression, and meaningful dialogue.

Central to our initiatives are the monthly networking programs, a cornerstone of our association since its inception. These events, renowned in Addis Ababa, serve as exceptional networking platforms. Each gathering features expert speakers addressing diverse topics, known for their timeliness, relevance, and relatability. Attended by the movers and shakers of Addis, including our members, Female CEO Breakfast Club (FCBC) members, non-members, and professionals from various sectors, these events create a vibrant atmosphere for connection and collaboration.

Co-partnering with AWiB for these highly anticipated monthly networking events provides an unparalleled opportunity to showcase your message or brand to our discerning and influential audience. In a world inundated with endless streams of information and advertisements, face-to-face engagement with a targeted audience is a rare gem. AWiB’s monthly networking events stand as a unique platform in Addis, offering this exceptional opportunity.

Co-Partnership Package

The AWiB Co-Partnership Package extends a gateway to immersive experiences and access to AWiB’s extensive resources. This package is designed to encompass:


Prominent branding of your organization across all promotional materials including our website and social media platforms.


Dedicated 5-10 minutes presentation slot for the co-partner organization on stage during the event.


Feature article spotlighting the co-partner organization’s impactful work on AWiB’s website.


Comprehensive event report provided by AWiB to the co-partner organization.