Authenticity Recap

The round table discussion on Authenticity led by AWiB’s 2024 Board member & Freelance Consultant, Aster Asfaw, was one of connection and sharing. The session commenced with participants introducing themselves and sharing their authentic selves.

Critical Thinking Recap

The round table discussion on Critical Thinking facilitated by AWiB’s very own Project Coordinator, Betelhem Yimer, was insightful and reflective. The session began with the attendees introducing themselves and sharing some details about their background.

10th Annual May Forum Recap

As the days ticked by, the anticipation built with each crossing off the calendar. Eyes were glued, watching with bated breath as the long-awaited Thursday approached. This was the moment we had been eagerly awaiting – the gathering we had marked on our calendars with fervent zeal: “AWiB’s 10th Annual May Forum.

may monthly

Navigating Through a Capricious World Recap

The evening’s tantalizing program, “Navigating through a Capricious World” explored how art equips us to navigate life’s uncertainties. The speakers lined up embodied this concept. Hiwot Emishaw is a poet, author, an advocate, and communications professional. Blen Yosef, a musician known for fusing Ethiopian melodies with contemporary influences, and Fraol Bedada, an up-and-coming comedian who addresses social issues using humor as a tool. Each speaker demonstrated art’s ability to entertain, inspire critical thinking, and deepen our understanding of the world.


Detachment Recap

Detachment is one of the core sessions that AWiB facilitates for its members. The young and vibrant Samrawit Meressa led the session, starting by sharing her journey in AWiB.

Negotiation Recap

Negotiation is the process of reaching an agreement with other parties so that we can achieve our goals. It has various tactics and instances such as Position, Concession, Win-lose, and Win-Win.