Changing of the Guard: Hinjat Shamil, 2024 President

Being AWiB’s president is more than a title; it’s a commitment to leading, guiding, and shaping the direction of a collective vision. It means shouldering the responsibility of representing the organization’s values, advocating for its mission, and fostering unity among its members. The role demands effective communication, the ability to listen to diverse viewpoints, and the agility to navigate challenges while keeping the broader interests of the association at the forefront. Ultimately, being an AWiB president means setting the tone, inspiring others, and working collaboratively to drive positive change within the association and the community it serves. For this reason, AWiB takes great care in selecting the president of the year.

That being said. Introducing AWiB’s 2024 President: Hinjat Shamil. Hinjat, the Senior Reform Advisor at the Ministry of Finance, stands as a pivotal figure spearheading macro-fiscal reforms in state-owned enterprises, pension funds, financial sectors, and debt management. Her tenure includes instrumental roles in crafting and implementing consecutive Home-Grown Economic Reform packages for the government.

She has previously worked with the United Nations and the Government of Ethiopia in the areas of development finance, industrialization, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). She also has international work experience in the US, Afghanistan, and Ethiopia. Hinjat holds a Master of Public Policy in International Development from Johns Hopkins University and a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Addis Ababa University, which has equipped her with a strong foundation in economics and policy analysis.

As AWiB steers into 2024, themed “Resilience for Safety and Sustainability,” Hinjat’s leadership arrives as a beacon of empowerment. Her mission resonates with the essence of nurturing women leaders, striving to normalize their prominence within communities and beyond.

Hinjat’s persona melds strength with tranquility, infusing purpose into every articulated thought. Her words carry not just meaning, but weighty substance, embodying the leadership our organization seeks. AWiB eagerly awaits the transformative journey under her guidance, propelling us to unprecedented heights.

Message from Hinjat:

“AWiB is a formidable force for women’s personal growth. I have always thought I had a decent network and support system in my personal and professional life until I fully experienced the thoughtful, deliberate, and proactive AWiB women who constantly challenge and inspire my thinking.

The breadth of wisdom and insights AWiB brings into our everyday interaction is immense. My one year of active participation in AWiB has allowed me to experience many aha moments that I probably have not experienced in many years.

During my 2024 AWiB Presidency, I want to see AWiB set itself on a solid institutional and financial standing. AWiB has come a long way in the past decade, from a volunteer-based circle to a rapidly growing self-sustaining association. I hope 2024 will be the year AWiB deepens and strengthens its institutional structures to sustain itself for generations.”

Congratulations to Hinjat!

Here’s to the voyage ahead—Godspeed!

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