Weekend Activities

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Self-confidence is experiencing genuinely positive feelings about ourselves while accepting our faults and foibles. It is the key to overcoming fear and pursuing one’s dream.

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We are attached to our jobs, our looks, our wealth, people’s opinions, and so on. When things are going well for us, it’s unimaginable to even consider detachment but when we are faced with failures or losses it becomes appealing. Practicing detachment is the key that can help us be unshakable by everchanging situations and outcomes: it is the path that takes us closer to our inner peace.

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Honest Communication

Clarity, consistency, and integrity are the building blocks of honest communication. When we are self-aware and conscious of the values within the message, we become clearer with our words and intent.

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The Impact of Culture on Self-Esteem

A negative or low self-esteem makes us devalue our abilities and limits our contributions, stagnating our potential.  It is noted that several factors influence our self-esteem as it evolves from childhood.

Office Politics

Studies show that individuals with political skills tend to do better in gaining more personal power as well as managing stress and job demands, than their politically naive counterparts. They also have a greater impact on organizational outcomes.