AWiB Presents the 2023 Women of Excellence (WOE) Recap

In a spectacle of empowerment & collaboration, Hilton’s Harar Grill transformed into a hub where members and non-members networked with each other. They explored the products & services showcased by members & sponsors of the evening. Once the audience was seated, the phenomenal Women of Excellence took center stage at AWiB’s prestigious event. The atmosphere buzzed with anticipation as AWiB President-elect Hinjat Shamil kickstarted the event with gratitude. This set the tone for an evening dedicated to honoring outstanding women and their remarkable achievements.

As the spotlight shone on the stage, Hinjat introduced the 2023 Women of Excellence with a gracious acknowledgment. Next, the event’s sponsors, Lead Sponsor Yetem Trading PLC and Emerge Sponsors Le Chateau, R&D Group, and Ethiojobs, were recognized for their support. In addition, members, Etege, Beza Design, Seni Beauty & Fashion School, and Kidi Aerobics, showcased their businesses.

The stage then belonged to two extraordinary women, Dr. Mulu Muleta, a trailblazing obstetrician and gynecologist advocating for obstetric fistula prevention, and Rahel Abayneh, the compassionate founder of Nehemiah Autism Center. Hinjat skillfully guided the panel discussion, unraveling the principles and challenges that defined these women’s remarkable life journeys.

Dr. Mulu transported the audience to the rural landscapes of Ambo, where her upbringing as the only girl among three brothers instilled in her a profound strength. She overcame educational hardships and became one of the few female general practitioners to join the Obstetrics and Gynecology residency. Her transformative journey took a pivotal turn during a residency attachment, witnessing Dr. Hamlin’s work on fistula patients. Dr. Mulu’s impact now resonates beyond the stage, with over 18 years of transformative work at. Her dedication, treating more than 10,000 patients, became a symphony of change. Collaborating with national and international organizations, she orchestrated a training program for health officers shifting the paradigm in emergency obstetric and surgical care.

Currently steering her maternal and child health specialty center, Dr. Mulu extends a lifeline, providing free treatment to fistula patients. Her story, a harmonious blend of advocacy and compassion, radiates inspiration worldwide. It is a testament to the profound difference one woman can make.

Rahel, a mother of three, embarked on her journey as an advocate for autism awareness. Faced with her son’s diagnosis, she navigated a challenging path, discovering the lack of support for special needs in Ethiopia. Determined to change societal perceptions, she founded Nehemiah Autism Center, aiming to provide a haven for mothers facing similar challenges. In her journey, Rahel played a pivotal role in establishing and supporting other autism centers, championing awareness, and fostering inclusivity. Her character, painted with strokes of selflessness and determination, transformed challenges into catalysts for change. Rahel, a visionary with a heart as boundless as her impact, believes in the collaborative power to reshape society.

When asked about the principles guiding their journeys, Dr. Mulu emphasized kindness, toughness, and resilience as the foundation pillars that shaped her. While Rahel anchored her principles in faith and the power of giving.

The panel discussion delved into crucial topics, like the role of men in sexual and reproductive health care, challenges of starting new initiatives, and navigating bureaucratic hurdles. In the quest for enhanced sexual and reproductive health care, it is imperative to engage religious institutions and community leaders. The panel emphasized the potential to reshape community perspectives and foster a more inclusive approach to sexual and reproductive health.

Shifting gears to the bureaucratic landscape, a shared sentiment echoed the significance of maintaining a friendly and approachable demeanor while getting our points across with clarity and conciseness. Dr. Mulu and Rahel echoed a resonant message: Women should listen to their bodies, care for themselves, and relentlessly pursue their aspirations. Both panelist also seized the moment to promote their services, emphasizing the need for collective support to address widespread issues.

The evening concluded with a call to action, a reminder that life is lived once, and each woman has the power to accomplish her goals. As the curtains fell on this empowering spectacle, the echoes of resilience, compassion, and collaboration lingered in the air. The Hilton bore witness to a transformative evening where these women left an indelible mark on the hearts of all.

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