Motivating Employees to Give Their Best Recap

Nebat Abbas facilitating an AWiB session on Motivating Employees to Give Their Best to a group of women.

This session’s facilitator, Nebat Abbas, an HR professional, initiated the session by explaining the concept of a round table discussion, which involves an introduction detailing a member’s current job role, professional aspirations, and retirement plans. The facilitator continued to ask what motivates participants, as employees, to give their best. Members shared their perspectives on what drives them in their workplace. Factors mentioned include:

  • Salary and Benefits Package: Compensation remains a foundational element in employee motivation. Employees who receive competitive salaries and other benefits such as health & dental insurance, children’s school fees paid, and housing benefits are the ones who deliver more in their workplace.
  • Learning and Training Opportunities: Continuous growth and learning opportunities emerged as crucial motivators. When employers provide their employees with such educational opportunities that help the employee grow, the employee will feel more valued and accepted thus contributing her/his best.
  • Creative Recognitions: Innovative and unique forms of recognition were highlighted as essential. These recognitions include Employee of the Month recognition, peer-to-peer recognitions, birthday wishes, and other seemingly minor but important recognitions.
  • Capable Leadership: Leadership quality and competence are pivotal in fostering motivation. Employees become more motivated when they work under a leader capable of leading and aspiring.
  • Promotion: The opportunity for upward mobility within the organization was mentioned as motivating. Employees will perform their best when they know that they have an opportunity to grow.
  • Employee and Organizational Purpose Alignment: When an employee’s personal values align with the organizational mission, it results in increased motivation and commitment.

  • Employee motivation greatly influences an organization’s growth and function ability.
  • Addressing diverse factors, such as salary, training opportunities, leadership quality, and alignment with organizational purpose, to increase employee motivation.
  • Understanding that an unmotivated employee is an employee who has already resigned but never left the organization.
  • Providing employees with all the necessary tools and equipment motivates an employee to give their best performance. This contributes to enhanced performance, employee retention, innovation, a positive work environment, and customer satisfaction.

By Nebat Abbas, HR Professional

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