Supercharge Your Win with AWiB’s Sponsorship Packages

AWiB is a membership-driven networking platform working on cultivating women’s leadership and entrepreneurship. Targeting mid-level career women and business owners, AWiB has brought to the platform prominent personalities, corporate CEOs, representatives of government agencies and international organizations to the spotlight to share experiences.

Through the knowledge hub ( and social media platforms, AWiB presents HER rich and relevant content to a wide range of audiences accumulated throughout the 13-year journey. AWiB hosts monthly events regularly at the Hilton where members and guests from a multitude of professions gather. These events are open to sponsors to showcase their products and services and support AWiB’s vision of “Being a catalyst for Ethiopian women leaders to connect, emerge, and grow together.

By sponsoring these monthly events, companies reach AWiB’s targeted audience of well-educated, well-heeled women with discriminating tastes. Three sponsorship packages come with increasing benefits as you progress through each package. They are labeled to reflect AWiB’s vision. 

AWIB provides a platform for empowering and supporting women in pursuing boldness, resilience, and success. It fosters a solid and supportive network of women from diverse backgrounds and industries. Sponsoring AWiB’s monthly offers numerous benefits to the sponsoring company and honoring corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Through sponsorship, companies access valuable networks and tap into a pool of talented professionals – future clients. The networking opportunities enable companies to establish connections, build partnerships, and collaborate with like-minded individuals passionate about empowerment and growth. In addition, sponsoring AWIB aligns a company with a reputable and influential brand in the field of women’s leadership. This surpasses financial support; companies become advocates for positive change, inspire others to do the same, and showcase their commitment to diversity & collaboration.

Let’s connect, emerge and lead together!

  1. Connect Package: 1 month
  2. Emerge Package: 4 months
  3. Lead Package: 11 months

It brings us great joy to recognize our 2023:

Emerge Sponsors:

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