Your Hair Has Feelings Recap

Facilitator: Rediet Afework, Founder and CEO of Curl Love ET

The session started with Rediet introducing the concept of “In hair itance,” which challenges our complex relationship with our hair. She emphasized that many women feel compelled to straighten or perm their hair in order to appear “professional,” due to societal pressure. Our culture has led us to believe that our natural curls are inadequate, portraying them as difficult to manage, and imposing a Western standard of beauty that is implausible for many. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that there is no singular definition of beauty; it encompasses multiple perspectives, so we should embrace our individuality. Additionally, curly hair possesses a distinct genetic structure compared to Western or Asian hair. Yet, it’s not solely about hair type; our internal well-being also significantly determines hair quality. Rediet urged participants to prioritize their inner health and self-perception, as this has a direct impact on the condition of their hair.

Rediet highlighted that many of us overlook the ingredients in the hair products we purchase, merely following the latest trends. Some of these products can actually harm our hair, leading us to mistakenly blame our hair type instead of the product itself. We often search for a “one fixes all” solution for all our hair problems. However, it is important to recognize that multiple factors beyond products and hair type influence the health of our hair. Genetic predispositions and family history, such as male pattern baldness or alopecia, affect our hair. In addition, our hair care routine, hormones, diet, exercise, stress, and the aging process all contribute to hair health. Rediet advised attendees to conduct thorough research on these aspects and discover what works best for their individual hair needs.

Major Takeaways

  • You need to research your hair type and porosity to determine the most suitable products for your hair
  • Check out the ingredients of all products. You need to filter out bad products before they damage your hair permanently. You don’t want it on your hair if it has numbers and letters. Ex: IE34YH
  • Have a regular hair routine. The kinkier your hair, the more care it needs because it’s sensitive and not as difficult as many would complain.
  • It’s not just what you’re using but how you’re using it that affects your hair health
  • Over-manipulation can damage the hair as well as leave your hair in tight braids for too long.
  • Pick one thing for your hair routine (egg, avocado, butter, or others after you research) otherwise, you risk over-treating it, which can lead to hair loss.
  • Be careful with hair trends like rice water. Do your research before trying anything new.

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