Gesha Village Coffee Estate

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Established in 2011, Gesha Village Coffee Estate stands as one of the largest coffee estates, spanning a remarkable 471-hectare coffee farm meticulously developed from the ground up. Nestled near the Sudan-Ethiopia border, near the Gori Gesha wild coffee forest where the renowned Gesha coffee variety originated, it has gained renown for its exceptional cup quality.

The estate’s primary objective was twofold: to cultivate extraordinary coffee and to foster the growth of the local community. Since 2017, Gesha Village Coffee Estate’s annual auction has captivated coffee enthusiasts worldwide with its unrivaled flavor profiles, earning their unwavering admiration.

The coffees produced at Gesha Village share striking similarities with the esteemed Panamanian Gesha variety, encompassing everything from the structure of the beans to the flavor profile in the cup. This natural-processed coffee exhibits the unique essence of its terroir and delicately showcases the nuances of its varietal, avoiding any overpowering fruitiness. Instead, the natural processing method brings forth a full-bodied quality complemented by notes of butterscotch, creating an unparalleled and truly distinctive coffee experience.

We thank Gesha Village Coffee Estate for sponsoring 4 of our events in 2023:

  1. May: Leadership in a VUCA World: Leadership In A VUCA World Recap – AWiB Ethiopia
  2. June: Creating Wealth:
  3. September: Storytelling: A Leadership Tool:
  4. November: Creating A Supportive Environment for your Leadership:  

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