AWIB 2018 May Forum

“Business Legacy: Establishing a Strong Institutional Foundation & Functional Sustainable Systems”

Established in April 2010, AWiB is a membership driven association committed to developing personal and professional competencies by being a catalyst for women’s leadership development. The association creates a platform for information-sharing, learning and supporting member development through monthly and annual events, workshops and roundtable discussions as well as annual forums and web-based media.

The 7th Annual May Forum will be hosting again more than 500 participants at the UNECA conference hall with the aim of cultivating a culture of dialogue, reflection and skills development. Previous themes for the May Forum included: ‘Expand your Mind – Change your World: Celebrate Women’s Agency!’ in 2012; ‘Unlocking Potential, Driving Effectiveness!’ in 2013, ‘Re-engineering Our Thinking – Re-engineering Our World!’ in 2014, ‘Leadership in Action: From Personal to Positional’ in 2015, ‘Transformation: Personal, Organizational, Cultural’ in 2016 and ‘Strategic Leadership: Getting Where You Want to Be’ in 2017.

This year AWB’s theme is ‘Visibility’ with the objective of building evidence and dialogue to appreciate strong foundations and sustainable institutions that last for generations. AWiB has been working to embody this year’s theme and for the year 2018, AWiB invites you to the Annual forum under the theme “Business Legacy: Establishing a Strong Organizational Foundation & Functional Sustainable Systems”.

Download and read the full Concept Note here,  May Forum Concept Note 2018 (495.09 kB)

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