Marthe Nzokou Giday

Marti studied health administration for her first degree and went on to get her master’s degree in international business administration. When she first moved back to Ethiopia, she thought she would continue on in the family business at her mother’s pharmaceutical company but came to realize her true passions were planning events, and hosting themed occasions and parties. She has recently been working on opening up her own space for catered events, health classes, healthy cuisine, self-development geared workshops andtrainings, and guestroom accommodations, called Ambiance.

Marti was raised to freely express herself and to openly pursue her dreams. Her parents allowed her to try everything she was interested in while growing up which allowed her to delve into different realms of study. This all aided in her attaining skills from each that would eventually lead her to her current position. She loves to host people in general and with her new found business endeavor, she wants to throw events focused on sparking important conversations and building awareness about health, all inclusive well being, environmental issues and the importance of art and music as well. 

Marti is an adamant fan and student, if you will, of AWiB and all it has offered her. She attributes most of her self-transformation and growth to AWiB’s influence and trainings. As AWiB’s 2018 board member she hopes to carry on in the footsteps of others before her and contribute to the growth and visibility of the association.