Tsedey Tefera

Tsedey Tefera is a Social Worker/ Social Psychologist by profession whose heart leans to working with causes that serve children and their families for reasons of enjoying it most and feeling of attachment. Tsedey is a BA and MA holder from Addis Ababa University in Social Studies that, for over a decade, she has worked for several causes and projects that address the needs of different community members with special needs for social services.

On top of being a director for two child focused humanitarian organizations for the past nine years, Tsedey has voluntarily founded and managed a group of friends who came together to support single mothers, who are victims of HIV&AIDS, living around the holy water of Entoto with no visible income and support system. Tsedey had also been a radio personality for over six years as she won a national competition for the position that was held among 500 women.

Tsedey feels lucky to be part of this year’s AWiB board where she believes being a member helps one use her full potential against all factors that hinders doing so. AWiB, for Tsedey, opens the room for personal development and enhanced leadership capacity as it is a platform that serves the means for such opportunities through its serious of trainings, workshops, round table discussions, seminars, online and offline resources and more.

Tsedey describes herself best as trusting, friendly and persistent to a cause that she believes in.