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AWiB Presents HER Gems

Every July AWiB showcases HER members through their stories. These are women who gravitated to the tribe and transformed themselves even more. These are like-minded individuals who have unique stories.  Let us learn from each other!

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Navigating Through a Capricious World Recap

The evening’s tantalizing program, “Navigating through a Capricious World” explored how art equips us to navigate life’s uncertainties. The speakers lined up embodied this concept. Hiwot Emishaw is a poet, author, an advocate, and communications professional. Blen Yosef, a musician known for fusing Ethiopian melodies with contemporary influences, and Fraol Bedada, an up-and-coming comedian who addresses social issues using humor as a tool. Each speaker demonstrated art’s ability to entertain, inspire critical thinking, and deepen our understanding of the world.

Corruption: An Implication of a Failed State

As a nation, it is time for us to question why Ethiopia, a religious country with high moral standards became one of the most corrupted states in the world. One of the salient features of a corrupted society is the breakdown of family structure that started during the Derg regime. This broken family structure that had been the foundation of Ethiopian society led to today’s rampant corruption.

Navigating Through a Capricious World

In the month of May AWiB Presents, “Navigating Through a Capricious World”, where we dive deep into one of the ways we seek relief from this uncertain world. We live in a world where the unexpected is the only constant. A world characterized by continuous change, unpredictability, and an ever-shifting landscape. In this capricious world, the boundaries between the expected and the unexpected blur. Along our journey, we may find ourselves enchanted by the beauty of uncertainty discovering the profound wisdom that lies within.

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The Price of Peace

“Peace demands the most heroic labor and difficult sacrifice. It demands greater heroism than war. It demands greater fidelity to the truth and purity of conscience.” – Unknown

Poverty Has a Woman’s Face: Exploring Economic Independence

As March is Women’s Month, AWiB in recognition of this yearly grand cause shares HER platform with women’s organizations in Ethiopia with the intention of bringing out leadership, creativity, and sustainability concepts to model the way.

Persistent in the face of challenges. Standing Strong with a resilient mindset

Resilient Mindset: A Bridge to Wellbeing

Resilience is a relatively easy skill to develop when we have supportive communities around us. When we have strong connections with the people around us and have a sense of belongingness, we become more resistant to stressful situations.