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Self-confidence is experiencing genuinely positive feelings about ourselves while accepting our faults and foibles. It is the key to overcoming fear and pursuing one’s dream.

All Things Women

Women are powerful, kind, compassionate and intuitive. These are the qualities that we would love to see in ourselves and our leaders and these are the qualities that can potentially bring us peace and stability. Then, why is it socially challenging to put a fair share of women in positions of real power? Let’s explore!

Self Discovery

Self-discovery is the process of understanding your true self and it is an ongoing process.

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Time Management

Time management is focusing and working on the right things that truly need to be done. The more you manage your time well, the more you feel in control, with the confidence to choose how best to use your time and also accept the things you can’t control with ease. It increases your productivity and reduces stress.

Am I Where I Want to Be?

What is your heart beating for? Which values do you already live by and which ones do you absolutely want to bring into your life?

A woman looking into herself.

Self Discovery

Our busy schedules in today’s world make us feel like there is no time to consider what kind of life we actually want. We go through life doing what’s expected of us instead of taking time to look within and find out what we truly want to do. But self-discovery is a noble cause that deserves all the time and commitment you can give because once you discover your true self, you will find that the most valuable thing life has offered you has always been and is within you.

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Stress Management

Stress is subjective & it cannot be measured with tests. The closest thing used to measure stress levels may be questionnaires by healthcare providers after seeing some symptoms. Only the person experiencing it can determine whether it’s present and how severe it feels.

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Right Listening

Right listening goes beyond merely hearing the words; it involves empathy, openness, and non-judgment. 

Persistent in the face of challenges. Standing Strong with a resilient mindset

Resilient Mindset: A Bridge to Wellbeing

Resilience is a relatively easy skill to develop when we have supportive communities around us. When we have strong connections with the people around us and have a sense of belongingness, we become more resistant to stressful situations.