Senait Worku—A Lady with Panache.

In the month of July, AWiB celebrates and spotlights Senait Worku, owner of Antica restaurant.

“Courage is to act to stand for what I believe” says Senait: an entrepreneur, a mother of three who are on their way to a balanced and successful life under her guidance, a trusted spouse, a dependable friend, a concerned boss, a conscious citizen. Senait leads her life in the most meaningful way—in a courageous way.

Senait is the owner of Antica Restaurant—one of the well run and well recognized restaurants in Addis. Antica Restaurant is a recipient of The International Business Initiative Directions (B.I.D.) in Paris, France where this year’s convention was held.  B.I.D awards are presented on the basis of meeting the criteria of the QC100 TQM (Total Quality Management,) the contents of which serve as guidelines to business leaders to improve processes and systems.

Senait is a natural leader perhaps answering the question that whether leaders are born or made.  She always gravitates to something better. For Senait life is not to be accomplished at one go but is a never-ending process that we must strive for constant improvement. She says she is content to lead the way. In the society where most never tell the truth and show others the right of way to leading and being a good citizen, she is bold enough to go against the current. In her own words:  “I am fearless. I never care about wealth or status but I care about generation, identity, society and nature”.   It is no surprise to those who know her well when she revealed that the character she admires most in others is honesty. “I do not like pretentious people”.

What is her proudest moment?

“Now is my proudest moment because I reached a point where I harvest the fruit of my labor. I raised three cultured and educated children: a lawyer from Sorbonne University; an artist from one of the Beaux art schools of France and a 3rd year student of Paul Bocus culinary art and management school of Lyon; an architect from Laval University, Canada. As a founder and CEO of our family companies, I applied new working culture which is the key for our success and I got recognition from the whole world. What more could I ask The Good Lord?

Senait studied management at the Addis Ababa University. She has also earned a diploma in the French language from Alliance Ethio-Française. As a concerned citizen to contribute to her nation, Senait belongs to the Amhara Regional Economic Development Association. She affirms “Good citizens love their country not only in words but in deeds. They respect and obey the country law; participate in the public welfare. I am one of them and that is my contribution to my nation”.

What is a wisdom she wants to impart to a young woman who strives to do her bidding in life? To follow her dream, to have balance between her personal and professional life.

Senait is a generous woman who shares her good fortune to improve society in every way she can. She belongs to AWiB leadership and has been a safe haven for the evolvement of this association.  AWiB appreciates this lady with panache — her unique sense of style honoring the Ethiopian attire whenever she considers a moment of celebration. We spotlight our greatest ally Senait in the month of July…the season of nourishment bringing abundance of rain in our corner of the planet earth. We think it is fitting!

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