ROMAN TAFESSEWORK: Tenacious, Vivacious, & Judicious

Roman Tafessework, a tenacious young woman, is an ardent AWiBer and an active supporter of the movement. There are very few who we consider pillars of AWiB and Roman is one. Roman was born in Merhabete from a family of six and grew up in Addis Ababa.  Roman holds a master’s degree in Marketing Management.

Roman works for Boston Partners as an Executive Director. She, along with her colleague oversees the company’s vast projects and manages the existing operations: the Kuriftu resort chains, Boston Spa, Diplomat, Vault and other running operations of the Boston group. She is also responsible for proper and timely execution of ten projects on the pipeline–making sure visions turn into reality. She acknowledges, as a true leader would, her success in her profession is also based on a strong team that she is afforded at Boston Partners.

Roman has an extensive experience in the hospitality industry.  She served as a GM for Jupiter International four star Hotel at agetwenty three. She started her hospitality industry career as a department Manager at Global Hotel. She says she haslearnt a great deal from her past experiences. She gives credit to her bosses in her professional experiences, always to a strong team and to great mentors, Beyam Bisrat, Managing Director & Elias Assefa, Deputy Managing Director of Jupiter Hotel. Her experience, educational background in Hotel management and willingness to learn from others, she says prepared her to excel and give more in her current position at Boston Partners, a dynamic company with a dynamic CEO, fast paced, and expanding at neck breaking speed.  She handles the pressure with grace and humility that any good, self-assured leader would.

To own her Passion—giving— she engages actively and relentlessly in community service. Roman has, from young age, taken part in community work that specially involves women and children. Her motto is “Humanity First”. She works on projects that directly give back to humanity that may bring change and awareness.  One of the many projects she is involved is ‘one pack for one child Family’. This movement has gained momentum throughout the years with the aim of helping children to go to school by providing school materials without which many would have stayed out of school. Roman takes pride in taking part in this movement that works to make an impact in children’s life. Last year, this family provided materials to 7500 students.

Another of her venture is “one meal for one child” movement where a group of dedicated Ethiopians fed 145 underprivileged kids for six years on a daily bases, up until Yenat Guada the project of the First Lady started taking care of them last year. So now, this project affords same kids and their families, on special occasions like Easter holiday live chicken and eggs. Blasts of Christmas and New Year Celebration along with uniform and related supports are also given to the kids.  Roman uses her various network platforms to mobilize volunteers and funds.

Roman also takes part in a quarterly blood donation with her friends, which she says should be given top priority by every one that cares for humanity

Roman, as a passionate member of a society to see it improved, mentors young girls. In this endeavor, she works closely with Project E, an international initiative to help young girls learn the ropes of life.  Roman is also an honorary member of the “Gojo initiative” that provides shelter to out of town patients and families.

Roman gives much credit to AWiB for helping her discover her potential, how much she can achieve, for opening her eyes to see more and to think critically and for encouraging her to take on more social causes in her community. AWiB also has been a platform for her to widen her horizon.

Roman puts her accomplishments with much humility. Professionally she says, being a General Manager at the age of 23 of an international four star hotel though with its challenges was one of her milestones. She also adds to her vast list of accomplishments, her current position reaching the executive director level through hard work and tenacity. She has pursued her advanced degree while working full time under high pressure, busy schedule & active community service participation. Service to the community is where she says she has the highest accomplishments, from which she gets utmost satisfaction by putting even the tiniest difference in people’s life. Roman underlines ‘It is not enough but I believe I am on the right path towards the future.

Challenges, she says, are what shape us. From bullies in the schools to being a GM of a formidable hotel at a young age of 23, she has been through a lot. Roman embraces challenges as stepping stones to a much greater venture in life.  She is an ambitious young woman who would never stop short of accomplishing her goals in life.

What Roman wants to share with the young is to unleash your potential.  She ascertains that ‘Our skin stretches as long as we keep stretching it’. She says laziness has no place in life.  She adds everything is possible but that you have to pursue your dream with all your might. She advises “not to put away assignments with excuses of thinking you can’t measure up, to always think positive, to work on time management and to fervently work on self-development which is key to achieving your wildest dream.

~ “The ingredients of achieving anything depend on how strong & ready you are, then you can conquer anything that comes in your way. Work hard from the now in order to write better things on your tomb stone”~ Roman Tafessework. 

The AWiB Team!

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