Yelije Siket book by Asefach

Yelije Siket

Asefach Haileselassie

AWiB is delighted to announce the launching of a great book, “Yelije Siket” (my child’s success) by our own Asefach Haileselassie, a Psychologist who successfully raised three children as good citizens of this great nation. Assefach has worked with children and youth centered organizations and counseled parents for over 25 years. She is also a Founder & Manager of BEZNA Counseling and Training Center PLC.

‘Yelije Siket’, a parenting book, was written based on the author’s personal experiences as a parent and a psychologist. The book covers the journey of parenting   starting from preparing to welcome a child up to raising teenagers.

‘Yelije Siket’ is intended to be a guide and resource for all parents and guardians raising children in the Ethiopian context and culture. Thebook is supported by years of experiences and research with answers to key questions that parents ask or should be asking in this day and age.

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