Making the Right Choice Recap

Facilitator: Fasika Solomon, Creative Director of Awra Studio

The session started with introductions and the most recent right decision we made. The facilitator, Fasika, broke down the topic into three: “Making,” “The Right,” & “Choice”. She stated that “Right” is influenced by many things in our environment, like family, friends, social media, etc. She removed the word “Right” from the topic and reframed it as “Making a choice”. We then discussed the most important values we hold in our lives.

Important questions and ideas:

Major Takeaways

  • When we feel overwhelmed with choices, it is important to remember that if only we clearly list our choices, we can see which ones will benefit us the most
  • Knowing our values is important
  • Never rush; trust the divine timing
  • Have three people in your life whom you can seek advice from:
    • Someone with much higher experience to ask for advice & guidance
    • A peer to lean on & for comfort
    • Someone with less experience to teach and learn from
  • When deciding, make sure to gather information first. You can do this by asking different people, yourself, and reading.
  • Don’t plan for failure but learn from it. FAILURE IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN
  • Equip children with the ability to make choices independently

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