See you In September

Thank you ladies, for another interesting and fun meeting! We also give thanks to a few of our daring executives who showed up to inform and be informed. The evening was meant to be experience sharing. We did that and more.

The issue why few of us are in the leadership position inspired a great deal of discussion– from women may not be too serious about their career– they make excuses, to what else growing up in this culture where the male dominance is quite strong and at times debilitating. But no matter what, we need to support each other and to start with the young…to make them aware of the fact that only they can determine their fate and should not give up in the middle of their journey.

Interesting comments/concerns were raised from women employers about their dilemma of hiring and developing female employees to be left without as soon as they have babies. We also discussed the merits of three months maternity leave that usually would follow by a few more months of yearly leave. When she is ready to come back to work, in some instances, she may be obsolete which will hurt her career move.

In a corporate world where a woman is expected to prove herself many folds than a man to move up the ladder, she may not afford to stay out for long. So what to do? How to get all those brilliant women to move on and be where they could be is the question that EWiB would like to take a shot at. Together we all can help those who are already at the top to share their power, to develop others through coaching and counseling. Why? Because a nation cannot develop economically with only less than half of its population and because supporting women to be not only reproductive but productive part of the society is the wisest thing to do. And for us women, if we want to lead a better future, we have to decide what is good for us not the other gender. Any effort less than that would be a futile exercise that will not benefit mankind. I didn’t say humankind…

August, we take a break from being too serious. Instead, we will have our traditional “August 7 course dinner” at Ababa’s villa. For those who are interested in breaking bread with friends to strengthen friendship at a deeper level, Roman will organize this marvelous event at this villa. For those of you who do not know about this villa, it is one of the best kept secrets of our city. Owned and run by our own Eyeru, I am sure the event and edifice, if you care to join, will exceed your expectation. I am also told all looks effortless over wine. We invite you all not to miss this wining and dining business.

As for me, I will see you in September and wishing you a happy break. I love the rainy season in our beautiful Addis. The rain roaring, the tea steaming and roasted corn to add to the pleasure … ooohoo!! Nestled in my bed with a good book…Gabi any one?

I wish you a marvelous “Kiremt”. See you enchanting September.



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