Hello Ladies

Hello Ladies, wherever you are. We had a great third meeting with two wonderful presentations by Maggie and Sonia. As we women do best, we talked and reflected on the personal—and personalized our businesses. To be comfortable to share who we are is only womanly and we all felt so blessed.

Our next meeting is at Ababa’s Villa. Eyeru, we volunteered your mansion in your absence knowing it would be alright. We will be having our first dinner out with the group.

August, we go to Langano at the new world class resort–Langano Vacation Club. In between, for those who are interested, Ethiopian Airlines has put a great package for a group of women travellers to Mombasa. A group constitutes ten or more. I think it would be awesome to go as a group and explore and take a mental vacation. I will let you know more as we go along.

We have decided not to have any presentation for the coming two months. And September will be our first to bring a guest speaker. Other format we discussed was to take advantage of our own members and discuss topics on their perspective expertise. We are looking in to different topics such as: the fearless executive, the seven habits of highly effective people, the power of now, the courage to act…etc…etc… Roman and I will organize this program once we get what you are really good at and comfortable to lead the group in…

I trust, all of you who are out of the country on vacation or to take care of other businesses, are having a fabulous time. We all missed you at the last meeting.

On another note, I have taken out a few individuals from our list because I haven’t heard from them for the past three months even though they expressed initial interest. Also, one of our members is in Israel on a short mission that turned out to be a long one. She might be gone for a year. As of now, we have 21 members and would be nice to touch the magic 30. So, I feel by now you all have understood what we are looking for as in members and if you give us names with a short bio and your opinion of this person, the two co-chairs will discuss it further and bring these individuals to the group for approval. If you all feel otherwise, we can discuss this matter over dinner at Ababa’s villa at our next meeting.

Lastly, I would like to leave you with this quote:

Ninety-nine percent of failures come from people who have a habit of making excuses.

-George Washington Craver

With much love,


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