Recap World Cafe AWiB Listens: Enhancing Our Capacity for Collaborative Thinking

Stage opened & closed by: Lewam Fessehaye
Facilitated by Kemer Temam
Date: January 14, 2022
Venue: Hilton Addis

On Friday, Jan. 14, the World Café was opened by one of AWiB’s board member Lewam Fessehaye, with a moving speech on what AWiB stands for and that World Café enables us to develop capacity for collaborative thinking that leaves participants more knowledgeable and a sense of the whole becomes visible. Lewam also started explaining AWiB’s 2022 theme “The Utilitarian Way: Reaching Kintsugi” which is creating the happiness of the greatest number with the least possible harm.

Lewam Fessehaye then moved on to thanking our sponsors, Zeleman Productions, Bezalel Construction Material Manufacturing plc. and Flawless Events. Hanna Tilahun, owner of Bezalel Construction, gave a speech introducing her company.

The World Café theme, AWiB Listens: Enhancing Our Capacity for Collaborative Thinking was introduced by Kemer Temam.

During AWiB’s annual World Café, three questions will be raised. This year’s three questions with a summarized response were:

  1. What is the Utilitarian Way? How can we apply to our cultural way of solving a problem, working with our adversaries harmoniously?

The participant’s responses were:

  • By bringing sensitive issues to the table, to respect and set it aside for unity.
  • We have to start from within.
  • Accepting our flaws and being open about it.
  • Forgiveness and meditation
  • Creating awareness
  • Being ready to listen
  • Cultural reform
  1. Is Kintsugi applicable to our daily life? How do we handle the paradoxes: love & hate? Ignorance & clarity? Fear & acceptance?

The participant’s responses were:

  • Not applicable currently, but could be applied through personal assessments for growth.
  • Fear and acceptance
  • Ignorance
  • Discussing openly and not personalizing and focusing on the issue.
  • Taking the initiative
  • Having hope
  • Spirituality
  1. What’s AWiB’s role in inculcating harmony into our community?
  • Facilitating to learn from each other
  • Collaborate with youth organizations and create discussion.
  • Be more engaged. Be attractive and do good and show us as an example.
  • Do group activity
  • TV program and sharing ideas
  • Expanding the culture within
  • Working on the members
  • Open discussion platforms
  • To work on and with elites

The World Café program was closed by Lewam Fessehaye.

Members spoke, AWiB listened and now AWiB will listen!

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