Congratulations to AWiB Internship Program Graduates

Bethlehem Solomon & Abigiya Sem

AWiB Internship program started in 2017 and is going strong. A few young ambitious college students have gone through this program with much success. These young women enter a full year of leadership boot camp, if you will with mentorship as an armor. When they complete this intensive internship program, they are all ready to go out and conquer the world … and most have!

AWiB highlights the 2021 graduates of the program: Bethlehem Solomon & Abigiya Sem

Bethlehem Solomon:

AWIB for me, is more than just an organization working on empowerment and leadership. It is a circle of families where women are enabled to find common mindset and motivation among themselves, shading their light into the outer world to ultimately be successful and bold.

After a year of interning at AWIB, I can firmly say I’ve acquired more than I’ve expected, as AWIB has a lot more to offer. Getting into the internship program, I initially expected to acquire something about organization, and how it is led, and how it operates. Applying to AWIB’s program was an unusual act as I only focus on legal related works, but now I am glad I got out of my comfort zone and worked at AWIB. I have gotten numerous skill sets, and questions that I should ask myself as time goes on. Unlike my limited expectation, I have now explored and understood the essentiality of professionalism and organizational development in general through AWIB.

So far, in addition to what I have already acquired, I have experienced what it means to work in an organized workplace. I’ve understood what it takes to be professional and at the same time be bold. I’ve also seen what a network is worth. Activities and training AWIB provides comes with a great advantage; it often seems like we young people have figured out most of our goals, but instead with the seminars and various sessions, we find ourselves lacking so much. In this regard AWIB has been a wakeup call in my life. It has been a platform where I’ve created lifelong connections, knowledge, and crucial skill-sets that I will use in my day to day life.

Abigiya Sem:

I stayed in AWiB’s internship program for a year, and I have gotten the golden opportunity to learn more about the association. Before joining, I knew AWiB as a platform for women in different careers to network and grow. But it is beyond just that. It is where people become the best versions of themselves. During my stay, I was challenged to be better and to grow.

When I first joined AWiB, I saw the program as a learning opportunity. With great joy, I say all my expectations have been exceeded. When I started the internship, I set a goal to be a better Abigiya Sem by the end of the internship. I do believe I have improved in many areas. I am better at writing than I was. I have better self-confidence and I also have a better communication skill. I have gained skills and knowledge at AWiB I would not have gained anywhere else. I gained new knowledge and a new perspective on many areas of life. The constructive feedback I have received has helped in shaping me. Most of the feedback and conversations I had with the office people had been life lessons to me.

The biggest lesson I got is not to see things as they are but to dig deeper to see the positive side and go beyond the first no.  I have also become more organized and learned the actual value of time.

If I could describe my experience with few words it is that I have been given a scholarship to a prestigious life lesson university.  I am forever grateful to AWiB as the experience has brought out better version of me.

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