Essential Life Skills for Success Recap

Facilitator: Adanech Kebede, Owner & General Manager of Vital Care

This session was led with compassion, understanding, laughter, different perspectives & challenges of the different attendees. The facilitator Adanech had a vibrant, contagious energy, and it transformed the whole energy in the room. She shared the skills she developed to become successful, allowing attendees to learn from her experiences. Adanech gave her pieces of advice after she listened to all the attendee’s challenges and gaps. The session was inspiring and motivating to develop the skillsets essential for us to get to our envisioned success. Most importantly, the skills are to be practiced everywhere & every time.

Major Takeaways:

  • Define what success is to you because it has a different definition for each person
  • Take some time to be in a quiet place alone and write what you truly wish to have & do
  • Understand the culture you are working within so that you would understand how to interact with others & get what you want
  • Transparency is key
  • Talk to yourself like you are your best friend

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