Celebrating Friendships Recap

Facilitator: Nebat Abbas and Fitsum Kidanemariam

This session was a touching experience for the facilitators and attendees. Fitsum and Nebat talked about what friendship means to them and the challenges they had overcome together. They began the discussion by recounting their first encounter, which neither of them will forget. Some friends, Nebat added, “come to you when you need them.” They also mentioned that you don’t have to be friends with the same people. To be friends, you don’t need to share the same interests. You can agree to disagree even though you won’t always agree. Sharing, trust, and setting boundaries are essential to relationships. When you trust someone, you don’t doubt anything and believe they have your best interests in mind.

Major Takeaways:

  • A true friend is someone you can rely on, who supports you, offers you alternative options, is reliable and trustworthy, always has your best interests in mind, and is compassionate.
  • Don’t take your friendships for granted.  If you do, you’ll neglect it and lose valuable friends. You need to treasure your friendships and let them know you value them at all times.
  • Understanding the other person’s perspective is crucial when disputes emerge.
  • Real friends support you and are not jealous of your accomplishments.

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