Tsigereda Tafesse Mulugeta

Tsigereda Tafesse Mulugeta is one of the few professionals in field of policy advisory service in Ethiopia with strong footing in urban management.  After receiving her Masters of Public Policy and Management from the University of London Tsigereda worked as a senior policy advisor for the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and its partner, the Ministry of Urban Development and Construction.

Tsigereda led the establishment of the Ethiopian Cities Association – -an alliance of 29 Ethiopian cities to foster experience exchange and to lobby with regional and federal level law and policy makers towards issues of common interest.  Another initiative Tsigereda pioneered is the Ethiopian Cities Day (which is now named as the Ethiopian Cities Week). The Ethiopian Cities Day is annually designated week dedicated to celebrate Ethiopian cities and to popularize the urban development agenda. Furthermore Tsigereda played an instrumental role in the design of GIZ supported national programmes and in the development of functional monitoring systems and tools.

Prior to joining the urban management field Tsigereda worked as a research coordinator for a UK based consultancy firm called Oxford Research International. While working for Oxford Research she has successfully coordinated large scale national surveys in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda and Sudan.

In addition to being among the very few certified Capacity Work Consultants worldwide, Tsigereda is acclaimed for her strong team leadership capacities, balanced and critical policy advises as well as her communication and moderation skills.

Currently, Tsigereda is working as a freelance consultant in the field of urban management, monitoring and networking. She is also the coordinator of Colours of the Nile International Film Festival.