Yodit Beyene

Yodit Beyene currently works in education and leadership development. She has lived in Ethiopia for the past six years, after returning from the United States. Her education background is in Economics and International Development Studies and she has worked in business consulting, communication and agriculture development.

Yodit is the founder and leader of various community ventures including serving as one of the organizers of TEDxAddis, an annual program that promotes “ideas worth spreading,” as well as the co-founder for the Holiday Lunch for the Homeless, a feeding program for over 1000 homeless in Addis Ababa during the holiday seasons.

Yodit believes in the power of business to transform the economic and knowledge base of Ethiopia. Through AWiB, Yodit seeks to contribute to the creation of a organization that will inform, inspire and network women to achieve success in the burgeoning business sector of Ethiopia