Women Banking on Women

“I unexpectedly got my period while at a football game. I found the closest restroom I could and it was packed, there was a line. I ran in and screamed ‘Ladies!! I need a tampon!!!’ to about 35 women that I didn’t know. About 15 women pulled tampons out for me, and they let me skip the line so I could clean up. If that’s not women having each other’s backs, I don’t know what is!”—dutchtritan

The above dictum might sound simplistic but women supporting other women or as stated above watching each other’s back is the simplest but the most efficient form of transformation women can muster to conquer their destination, to claim their fate, to be above it all, to reach where they want to reach and to be accountable to the world at large.

AWiB will be 9 years young on April 8, 2019. AWiB’s mission is to support women to reach their zeniths, however, they define their zenith. We surpassed a great many challenges but none important or more significant than earning the support of other women and women in businesses. Why?

AWiB’s tenet is if you want to conquer your destination, you will have to do your own investment: energy, time, intelligence, finance and all other resources. Therefore, we don’t ask support from the international donors or other institutions but go directly to the business community to become our partners for a greater purpose. As AWiB grows strong female leaders for the nation and in our 9 short years we have been doing marvelously well, we go to the business community with a resource and ambition to bring out the best this life has to offer—the women population—and help us reach our zenith. A few have rallied with us but it seemed all men. The most beneficiaries for a while turned a deaf ear but as we say in AWiB– excuse has no place in life– we knocked on more doors. What do you know, it seems we have won finally! We found four courageous business women to say, why not! They are willing to bank on women and they will not go wrong.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present you our Sheros: extraordinary women who exemplify the POWER of ONE

  1. Meron Feleke, CEO of Impala Communication
  2. Ambanesh Kebede, CEO, Amba Pharmaceuticals
  3. Hikmet Adella, Partner, Attco Access to Trade/Mihome
  4. Ekram Akill, Partner, Yetem Trading

These women are action people. They see the good in AWiB’s mission and they want to be part of this movement. Hard times or not, they know if we become one, we be mightier than any armistice; solid and permanent!

So, AWiB says Bravo to our Sheros and marvels their courage and hearts to be part of a meaningful world.

“When women work together, we accomplish amazing things.”~Sheryl Sandberg~

The AWiB Team

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