The Women Leaders for those interested in profitability

Meet the women who are ready to take on board leadership of any institution, public or private. These women are highly qualified and great achievers in their personal and professional lives. They have also gone through International Financial Corporation (IFC) Women on Board training.

AWiB 50% Women on Board (WOB) campaign was launched on March 21st of this year. This campaign is an attempt to bring the issue of the dearth of women leadership upfront so the nation gets to dialogue about this pertinent issue that would bring Ethiopia closer to achieving her goal of being a middle income earner nation by 2025. Studies show the presence of a mere three women on board improves the profitability of a corporation by 24-30%. AWiB doesn’t just advocate for women leaders from boardroom to classroom, but we also constantly build our database of those who are competent to serve in leadership.

In this issue of May Pinnacle, we present a few of them. We will present more in the future. We trust you will enjoy meeting them for further relationship that would enhance your female leadership pool.

Sara Tadiwos
Nebat Abbas

Metasebia Shewaye Yilma

Mahlet Belay

Hawani Amanuel

Genet Asfaw

Bezuwork Mamo Woldehana

Fitsum Kidanemariam

Sewit Haileselassie 

Blen Fitsum

Yetnayet Beyene

Genet Abebe Haile

Lielina Gebremedhine

Lewam Fessehaye


Happy hunting,
The AWiB Team

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