Ekram Akill, General Manager, Yetem Trading

Ekram is a formidable young business leader known for her leading by example and consulting in business startups. Following her passion in cosmetics and the beauty world, she joined her mother who was already operating a small cosmetics company and turned it into one giant trading house of more than 200,000,000 Birr turnover in less than a decade and half. Yetem Trading was started in 2004. Yetem Trading Plc is an exclusive importer of more than 10 brands from 14 different countries. This trading house distributes its products to retailers throughout Ethiopia and to dealers in hundreds.  Yetem trading’s near future plan is to build a factory in Ethiopia to produce most of the products that they import and make employment attainable to hundreds.

Ekram is one of the few strong and indefatigable female Merkato traders. She, with her mother brave the hustle and bustle of Merkato on a daily basis and doing it with utmost ethical standard to her customers focusing on the quality of products. There is no shortcuts in Ekram’s business world and supports both male and female who long to join the business. She uses her acute eye for business to help others and to guide them what works and what doesn’t work. It is rare that one finds an ally in the same industry and invites as competitors, but Ekram lives to see others economically empowered and she doesn’t shy away from telling them how they should do better.

Ekram has accomplished much in the business world and she does it with the leanest of human resources. She knows efficiency and productivity is determined by how much one puts her heart and soul on the business at hand than drumming with thousands which better left for parades. Ekram is known as a role model for those who work around her and others in the business world. Honesty and hardworking seem to be Ekram’s middle names. And she has spare time to run to the gym religiously.

Ekram is married and has one son and two daughters. She earned her diploma from Kuyera Adventist College in business administration.

Longing to see women accomplish more and find their rightful place in this world, she supports AWiB as one of its partners contributing more than 200,000 Birr yearly. She is also in a club with 25 most accomplished female CEOs in the country– Female CEO Breakfast Club (FCBC).