Billene Seyoum, Spokesperson of PMO

Billene Seyoum is a spokesperson of the Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, dealing primarily with International media. Prior to her role within the Office of the Prime Minister, she founded and ran the feminist social enterprise Earuyan Solutions – offering workshops, forum, research, project/programme design and content development solutions with a particular focus on projects promoting gender equality and transformative leadership. Billene was also the founder and curator of the pan-African digital platform AfricanFeminism (AF) and author of the book Transformative Spaces: Enabling Authentic Female Leadership Through Self Transformation: The case of AWiB, available on Amazon.

Billene, affectionately called Bilu, served as AWiB 2nd president in 2013 and brought a stronger, purposeful AWiB to the public at large. In her tenure, membership increased by 30% and finance by 500%. Billene is a very conscientious leader and lends her voice to all women to get their rightful space in society and her work and writing reflects that.

Known for her articulation, eloquent writing, and depth of understanding of a subject she feels worthwhile to take on compounded with unparalleled work ethics, Billene is a dream team member for any project even to move a country.

Billene holds an MA in Gender and Peacebuilding and second MA in Peace Studies.