Sister Tibebe receives AWiB’s Lifetime Achievement Award at the Yearly AWiB WOE 2022
Sister Tibebe Maco

A native of Addis Ababa, Laureate Sister Tibebe Maco is a selfless soul who spent her entire years taking care of people in need. She has been serving her community diligently for the past 44 years. Her substantial contribution during the HIV/AIDS pandemic in awareness creation about the disease and non-stigmatization earned her recognition and acknowledgment by multiple national as well as international organizations. Sister Tibebe is a vocal advocate of children’s rights to health care, education, food, and shelter frequently using her own modest resources to make life easier for the less privileged citizens. AWiB’s 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award honors the life and works of Sister Tibebe Maco- An Altruistic caretaker.

Tibebe Founded Hiwot HIV/AIDS Prevention Care and Support Association (HAPSCO) when she noticed a great number of people dying from what she suspected to be HIV/AIDS. She started the project with two nurses, ten volunteers, and her provident fund. She used community institutions like idirs brilliantly to reach through the community to create awareness and extended their services to provide financial and emotional support for orphans and elders. HAPSCO provided door-to-door palliative care, cooking, cleaning, and running other chores. In addition, they organize coffee ceremonies to form support groups and create awareness among neighbors for psycho-social support. As the prevalence of HIV/AIDS decreased gradually and awareness was created, HAPSCO shifted its focus to addressing other community problems under Hiwot Integrated Development Organization (HIDO).

HIDO is an integrated organization that works towards contributing to community development by working in children and youth education and development, illegal migration, economic empowerment, gender, and social inclusion. It also works against exploitative child labor and on the root causes of illegal migration.

Laureate Sr. Tibebe Maco has received numerous awards and recognition for her humanitarian work, most prominently, the African Prize for Leadership by Hunger Project and World of Children, Family Health International.

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