Here’s to Ethiopia

The current female leadership mania in our nation has gotten many of us drunk with excitement. Women’s Movement in Ethiopia, although debatable with some if there ever was a movement, and the least progressive in Africa, we feel the momentum (dimmed but  not extinguished) that has started from the queens and formidable mistresses, to the revolution fighters and Revolutionary Ethiopia Women’s Association (REWA) at its peak that galvanized five million members is materializing. Thanks to some forward thinkers, lately, we are being summoned as the most desirable species when it comes to leading this seemingly confused and confusing world. And we are happy to comply. They tell us we are less corruptible, a disease that has become cancerous especially in our African Continent. We say good, at least we are good for something so bring it on…truth be told we are as good a leader as any. Just give us the chance.

The transitional government (election is 18 months away) led by the courageous and charismatic leader who had a great relationship with his mother, Dr. Abiy Ahmed is willing to take a risk on its female gender. AWiB says, well done Sir and you are right on the money; we guarantee you can’t miss!

In today’s Ethiopia, AWiB with many women’s rights activists: Ethiopian Women’s lawyers Association (EWLA), a movement that started with five thoughtful female lawyers(the most prominent one being Meaza Ashenafi)that moved the nation to the core, Network for Ethiopian Women Association (NEWA), founded by Selome Tadesse, a powerhouse herself, Earuyan Solutions, Setaweet, Yellow Movement, Siiqqee, numerous NGOs, trade associations and simply stay home moms have been instrumental to what we are witnessing today. And we say congratulations to you all.  Persistence is Job One!

To those who perished fighting for human rights (for women’s issue is a human rights issue) in the jungles or in the cities, we say you are not forgotten and we give credit to your lasting legacies. To the men who stood by us and encouraged us to push more and gave us the space however small it seemed, we say thank you and this is also your moment to shine.

To all of you gender officers in the government offices or NGOs, well done! Your fight has paid off.

AWiB would like to give special tribute to the following individuals and institutions who one way or another pushed the movement to where we find ourselves today. Ambassador Tadelech Hailemichael, Sosna Demissie, Zenebework Tadesse, Fetenu Bekele, Tsigie Haile, Netsanet Mengistu, Saba Gebremedhin, Dr. Tewabech Bishaw, Aster Zaude, Meron Genene, Maria Munir, Haregewein Chernet, Tsehay Yitbarek, Bogaletch(Boge) Alemu, Social for Forum Studies (FSS),PANOS and countless women.

Finally, we say to all women holding offices, we are with you and behind you. You have a greater responsibility now and some are waiting for you to fail but we won’t let you. We promise to uphold your aims and objectives and move with you if you let us.

To Madame President Sahle-Work Zewde, who made it to the list of few women leaders of the world, we say, Attagirl! Senedu Gebru is laughing her heart out from wherever she is.


Nahu Senay Girma, Co-Founder &Director

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