An AWiBer, Sara Tadiwos, on the Move

Sara Tadiwos

Congratulations to Sara Tadiwos for realizing her dream of owning her own business “iCAN”. As the name says it, Sara, a passionate human resource developer, is setting out to bring changes to the human capital of Ethiopia.

Sara is an AWIB Executive Board member and a force to be reckoned with!  As a workforce development professional and a certified Global Career Development Facilitator, Sara has spent extensive years working on training & employment, career advisory, youth employment, talent acquisition, leadership and soft skills training and workforce development in various sectors. She has worked in Ethiopia, Kenya and the USA in various public and private sectors in the area of capacity building, health and workforce development.

Sara likes engaging herself in social enterprises, employment creation, youth and women leadership development, human capital development, and trainings that strive for economic progress .

And now, in a bold move of bringing her dream of helping businesses on the ‘war on talent’ and building the capacity for employable and competent workforce, she has launched iCAN-the International Career Advisory Network.  

iCAN Consultancy Plc is an employment solutions company that offers Employment and Training Services to Job Seekers and Employers with a wide range of job placement, workforce development,  training, and educational services to employers, job seekers, and incumbent worker. iCAN helps businesses recruit and retain qualified workers, and job seekers advance their career.

If you want to bring change to your organization through the most important tool—The Human Capital, AWiB highly recommends that you work with iCAN.

Contact info +251913200505 ;

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