Changing of the Guard

Metasebia Shewaye Yilma

AWiB’s President for 2018

AWiB proudly presents our President for the year 2018—Metasebia Shewaye Yilma, affectionately known as Meti.Meti is a dynamic individual whose unrelenting character and creative mind will take AWiB several notches higher. There is a great deal to be expected from AWiB in 2018. AWiB, as every young but superbly dynamic association, is in transformation and hence most of the year’s agenda is based on Visibility& Branding. We are excited to have found this young woman, whose passion for life, leadership and women’s empowerment desperately needed to lead not only the organization but the many followers who are expecting more and more from AWiB.

Meti, a media personality well known in our community, has established her own production company, Queendom Media, with a mission to develop, produce and distribute audiovisual contents. The main objective of Queendom Media is creating platforms to tell interesting stories and spread worthy messages via broadcast and online media. Other projects in Meti’s repertoire are producing informative documentary films and an online TV show that would focus on self-reflection and self-transformation using practical wisdom.

We congratulate Meti on joining & using the platform that aspires to inspire—AWiB!


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