Blen Fitsum

Blen Fitsum is an expert in media and communications with over 16 years of relevant experience. She earned three degrees from Addis Ababa University in the fields of History (B.A.), Political Science and International Relations (B.A.) and Journalism and Communications (M.A.).

Among others, she served at the Ethiopian BroadcastingCorporation and the BBCWorld Service Trust as a reporter, senior producer, prime time news anchor and as news editor. Blen has been vastly engaged in training and building the capacity of media professionals and communicators including top level government officials.

As a Communications Specialist with the US Embassy and Communication Manager with World Bank Project Ethiopian Social Accountability Program (ESAP2) Blen closely followed the development of communication trends and the media landscape in the country both in urban and rural setups and engaged in communicating different messages to the general public, policy makers and other target audience. Blen was given meritorious honor award by the US Department of State for her extraordinary service as Communication Specialist with the US Embassy in Ethiopia. Blen further served as Events Director at Eminence Social Entrepreneurs that organized local and international events including YeshiGabicha (A union of one thousand couples recruited from all regions of Ethiopia).

Her extensive travel experience to over 30 international cities has among others widened Blen\’s understanding of the dynamics of communications across cultures.

Blen is the founder and CEO of Panorama Media and Communication Services (PAMECOS), a company committed to bringing professional standard to the media and communication sector in Ethiopia and beyond. PAMECOS passionately produces popular television shows, delivers quality media and communication services, organizes exceptional events and provides marketing services.PAMECOS’ key clients and stakeholders are media organizations, advertisers, international organizations, governmental and nongovernmental institutions and the business community.