Yeshiwork Woldeher

Managing Director of Ghion Gas PLC

Yeshiwork Wolderher is the managing director of Ghion Gas PLC. Yeshiwork is a prominent businesswoman and an accomplished executive with tremendous experience (over 15 years) in import and export, international trade, business development, international finance, sales & marketing, freight forwarding, insurance and customs regulations. In addition to running the family business, she has a company called Momentum PLC involved in logistics, pharmaceuticals, and media which has produced a film titled “የማህን ምጥ.”

Yeshiwork is known for her outstanding leadership abilities, particularly in turning around struggling companies and leading them towards prosperity and profitability. Through her coaching, guidance, and advisory roles, she empowers and supports business owners, helping them pave their own path to success. Yeshiwork is a transformative leader who firmly believes in the importance of competence, character, and delivering tangible results.

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