Sketch Your Success With AWiB

Sketch your Success with AWiB is a monthly program specially crafted to welcome potential members to the AWiB Resource Center (ARC). Our primary goal is to introduce you to the world of AWiB, highlighting the numerous benefits & opportunities that await within our vibrant community and providing you with a comprehensive understanding of what it means to be a part of AWiB.

These are fun and engaging sessions where we’ll sketch visions together and explore the infinite possibilities that AWiB offers. You’ll gain insight into why AWiB was established, our achievements over the 13-year journey, and the diverse activities we organize throughout the year. You will understand the true essence of being an AWiB member, or as we call it, an “AWiBer”.

At AWiB, we firmly believe that the opportunities to succeed are boundless.  All it requires is the right support system to help you realize your purpose and develop the necessary attitude, knowledge, and skills. AWiB is that support system and we invite all those who aspire to inspire to join us on this empowering journey. By attending, you will discover how membership opens up a world of opportunities for your personal and professional growth. At AWiB, you’re not alone; you are part of a movement that champions your achievements.