Monthly Event

Every month, AWiB curates exclusive events hosted at Hilton, meticulously crafted to facilitate networking opportunities. These gatherings are distinguished by their themes, featuring captivating discussions led by expert speakers. Topics range from women to leadership to investment, and beyond.

Our monthly events are more than just occasions—they are dynamic, interactive experiences teeming with advantages. Set within an inclusive atmosphere, these gatherings serve as a nexus where both members and non-members converge. Here, individuals engage in interactions that not only refine presentation skills but also foster the expansion of invaluable professional networks.

The saying, “Your network is your net worth,” resonates profoundly in these settings. These events transcend just networking; they epitomize a vibrant fusion of opportunities. Members and non-members alike find a platform to intermingle, establish meaningful connections, and cultivate networks that propel careers and aspirations toward new heights.