Weekend Activity

Each week, AWiB’s sessions delve into an array of diverse topics meticulously crafted to cater to your individual interests and needs. These weekend activities are designed to ignite transformative change. Members are encouraged to delve deep within themselves, uprooting any barriers that hinder growth, and opening up paths to enlightenment and personal transformation. With over 60 sessions annually, featuring roundtable discussions, seminars, and workshops, you can immerse yourself in subjects spanning self-confidence, time management, cultural influences on self-esteem, trauma, and beyond.

At AWiB, our pursuits extend beyond activities; we help forge connections that resonate with potential, charting your course toward success and untapped opportunities. Our interactive sessions aren’t superficial; they are an exploration within. Uncover facets of yourself yearning for growth, guiding you through an experience that is both enlightening and revolutionary.

But these weekends aren’t random; they are structured into Connect, Emerge, and Lead steps. This structured approach acts as a roadmap for your personal evolution—a journey adorned with rich experiences. As you navigate these steps, you will witness your distinct drive gaining momentum at each phase. Once you complete all the steps, a certification awaits, validating your journey of growth and accomplishment.