Laron Tamiru

I am determined in the very thing I want to do. My attention is much channeled toward my general goal in life. Thanks to a well-mannered upbringing, I am very polite and respectful. I am a wonderful listener, which makes me a caring friend, an amazing daughter, an inspiring sister, and a wonderful role model. I can contribute by creating peace amongst extremists and becoming neutral in any type of conflict. I love sharing information and new skills and having long meaningful conversations with others.

I have different internship experiences in the field. I am highly interested in collaborating with distinguished researchers on projects that will benefit my nation and the rest of the globe by promoting off-grid electricity and immensely improving the sustainable use of natural resources. I, along with others, have self-initiated projects including designing a campus that produces zero waste. Self-motivation and teamwork are now my greatest strengths.

Academic background: Environmental Engineering


Dream job: A consultant at an environmental engineering firm

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