weekend activity recap

Vision Board Recap

On July 20 Saturday morning, the session began with Kidist and the participants introducing themselves and sharing one word that describes them. They then played a game in teams where participants learned about trust, communication, teamwork, and how each team member is responsible for the team’s success. 

Sisterhood Recap

Dr. Sehin started the RTD with an introductory session. After a brief introduction, the participants shared their main reasons for attending this session. Most of their intentions revolved around gaining a deeper understanding of sisterhood.

Authenticity Recap

The round table discussion on Authenticity led by AWiB’s 2024 Board member & Freelance Consultant, Aster Asfaw, was one of connection and sharing. The session commenced with participants introducing themselves and sharing their authentic selves.

Critical Thinking Recap

The round table discussion on Critical Thinking facilitated by AWiB’s very own Project Coordinator, Betelhem Yimer, was insightful and reflective. The session began with the attendees introducing themselves and sharing some details about their background.


Detachment Recap

Detachment is one of the core sessions that AWiB facilitates for its members. The young and vibrant Samrawit Meressa led the session, starting by sharing her journey in AWiB.

Wherever you go, there you are

It was when I joined the university that I realized my distorted sense of self. I was surprised to find that I brought my thoughts, my insecurities, and my perspective with me. The silver lining is, that once you accept the fact that you can not escape yourself, a new wave of hope arises.