A woman looking at herself in the mirror


Self-confidence is experiencing genuinely positive feelings about ourselves while accepting our faults and foibles. It is the key to overcoming fear and pursuing one’s dream.

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We are attached to our jobs, our looks, our wealth, people’s opinions, and so on. When things are going well for us, it’s unimaginable to even consider detachment but when we are faced with failures or losses it becomes appealing. Practicing detachment is the key that can help us be unshakable by everchanging situations and outcomes: it is the path that takes us closer to our inner peace.

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Stress Management

Stress is subjective & it cannot be measured with tests. The closest thing used to measure stress levels may be questionnaires by healthcare providers after seeing some symptoms. Only the person experiencing it can determine whether it’s present and how severe it feels.

A woman looking at herself in the mirror


“Tear off the mask, your face is glorious.” –Rumi

Self-confidence is the attitude we have about our skills, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. It refers to the level of acceptance and trust we have in ourselves and our sense of control in our lives.

AWiB 2023 President Story Profile Accomplishments

Samrawit Meressa: Journey Through AWiB

Within AWiB, Samrawit sharpened her goal-setting prowess and led the Fund for AWiB (FFA) campaign, validating her leadership spirit. The triumph of the FFA in fundraising laid to rest her self-doubts, revealing the power of collaborative effort and the art of delegation for effective leadership.

AWiB Leadership Transition from 2023 to 2024 president

Changing of the Guard: Hinjat Shamil, 2024 President

“AWiB is a formidable force for women’s personal growth. I have always thought I had a decent network and support system in my personal and professional life until I fully experienced the thoughtful, deliberate, and proactive AWiB women who constantly challenge and inspire my thinking.

Events, Contents, Workshops, Seminars, Roundtable Discussions and more programs for Personal & professional development.

AWiB in 2023

This is a compilation of all the activities, programs, and events that AWiB planned, organized, and implemented in the year 2023.

Pillars of Identity AWiB Weekend Activity

Five Pillars of Identity

We are socially conditioned to make biased judgments about others & ourselves on the basis of specific actions, behaviors, or beliefs. It is our individual responsibility to invest our energy and time in discovering ourselves by ourselves to find our true & unique essence.